System 83 Plus

MedService Repair proudly carries Custom Ultrasonics compatible AER Filters.
Our objective is always to offer our customers OEM compatible replacement AER filters that are extremely high quality at discounted prices. Reducing overhead allows your medical office to run efficiently and makes it easy to maintain your equipment at the highest levels of safety.

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Custom Ultransonics Automated Endoscopic Reprocessors have long been known to be cost effective and friendly to use. The company has been serving the needs of the healthcare industry with infection control equipment since 1980 making them an icon in the industry. Add to that the Custom Ultrasonics expert installations and knowledgeable service technicians and you have a winning model.

MedService Repair carries many Custom Ultrasonics OEM compatable AER filters including the System 83 Plus2 and the System 83 plus 9. Additionally we offer 1-Year filter kits for these same AER models at an even lower per item price. Please feel free to check our pricing on the CRF01, CRF03, CRF07, CRF08, CRF10, CRF11 and our 1 Year Filter kit. We believe you’ll find our pricing to be competitive and our service unparalleled that will nurture a long lasting business relationship that will prove to be mutually beneficial.

Having been in business for over 25 years makes a difference. MedService Repair has been serving hospitals, surgical centers, clinics and private practices and we’d be deeply honored to work with your company. We’ll be happy to set up a custom pricing program for you that makes good sense helping you to keep your overhead low and infection control equipment properly and safely maintained.

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On December 31st, 2021 Wassenburg Medical purchased the assets of Custom Ultrasonics and will assume the activities of Custom Ultrasonics.

Custom Ultrasonics was established in 1979 by Frank J. Weber focusing on the healthcare industry with regard to infection control.  In 1981 they introduced the System 83. The System 83 is an automated system to clean and disinfect multichannel flexible endoscopes.

Wassenburg Medical serves all healthcare entities including Hospitals, Medical Centers, Outpatient Clinics, Ambulatory Surgery Centers, physician offices and any healthcare facility where endoscopy procedures are performed. Wassenburg Medical specializes in effective cleaning and high-level disinfection.