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The CER OPTIMA ™AER (automated endoscope Reprocessor) reprocesses one or two endoscopes per cycle making it extremely cost effective. Operation is a simple as it gets with intuitive buttons and a large basin to disinfect any size submersible endoscopes. The AER has a very small footprint allowing it to fit on countertops or a cart which enables it to be mobile if necessary. The lid is sealed tight which limits if not completely eliminates vapors from escaping from the basin except when opened.

The two-stage water filter system provides certified bacteria-free water to rinse your endoscopes in. And the individual channel connections make sure that every channel is in full contact with the disinfectant and rinse water during reprocessing.

It’s extremely important to follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedules for water filter replacement. We carry a number of water filters that are compatible OEM replacements for the Medivator CER OPTIMA ™. Cal us today if you have any questions at all.