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MV1 Filters or MV-1 Filters | CER1 Filters or CER-1 Filters | 5001X Filters
MV2 Filters or MV-2 Filters | CER2 Filters or CER2 Filters | 5002VX Filters

All of the Medivators / Cantel product IDs above are for the CER series endoscope reprocessors.  The MV1, MV-1, CER1, CER-1 or 5001X refers to the endscope reprocessor that disinfects one endoscope per cycle. The MV2, MV-2, CER2, CER-2 or 5002VX refers to the endoscope reprocessor that is able to reprocess two endoscopes with additional connectors. These two variations both use the same water filters and almost all the same parts. Even the User/Service Manual is the same for both on the Medivators web site.

Having a long history refurbishing, servicing and selling parts for the MV1/CER1 and MV2/CER2 units we’ve learned a great deal about which MV1 Parts / CER1 Parts and MV2 Parts/ CER2 Parts are the best to use at the most economical prices. Sometimes OEM compatible parts just make sense. This can be especially true when it comes to AER Filters / Water Filters.

MV1 Filters, CER1 Filters, MV2 Filters, CER2 Filters, 5001X Filters and 5002VX Filters are all the same. Above you will find the water filters that we recommend as replacements for the OEM water filters.

If you have any questions at all about any of these filters please feel free to give us a call at the number listed below.