MedService Repair proudly carries Medivators/Cantel Compatible DSD-201 Water filters at greatly discounted prices from the manufacturers OEM prices. 

Because Cantel purchased Medivators in 2001, the DSD-201 Water filter might be called a Medivators DSD-201 water filter, Medivators DSD-201 AER filter, Cantel DSD-201 water filter or Cantel DSD-201 AER filter. 

The DSD-201 which these water filters fit is an amazing piece of equipment built by Medivators/Cantel. It has has two fully-independent and asynchronous reprocessing basins increasing your volume capabilities. Being one of the industries best and more popular AER machines it makes sense that there would be after-market Medivators / Cantel compatible water filters available for regular maintenance schedules. MedService Repair offers these OEM compatible water filters and we'd be happy to assist you with finding the exact match for your machine reducing your practice's overhead while helping you with keeping your machine in top operating condition.