AERs (Automatic Endoscope Reprocessors) are a substantial medical equipment investment for your practice. And keeping them in good working order is crucial to your patient’s safety as well as your practice’s balance sheet as down time is not an option most practices. Regular Preventative Maintenance is the key and best practice.

Most medical facilities schedule MedService Repair on a recurring basis to handle their PM (Preventative Maintenance) for them on-site. Our expert technicians have decades of experience keeping these machines perfectly calibrated and in the best working order. This strategy allows you to focus on your core competency and us to focus on ours allowing your office to run at the highest efficiency.

AER On-site maintenance of the following equipment manufacturers:

  • Medivators / Cantel
  • ASP / J&J (Johnson & Johnson)
  • Olympus
  • Custom Ultrasonics
  • Steris

In case you have an expert on staff that can handle the service themselves, MedService Repair also offers high-quality preventative maintenance kits for almost every major brand of endoscope reprocessor. Due to our long history servicing AERs, we have the experience necessary to know the best high-value preventative maintenance kits to recommend for you to increase the reliability of your AER.

A great strategy if you’re handling the service yourself is to add this AER maintenance routine to your business calendar and add an additional event or alert 2 to 3 months ahead of the service date to order the preventative maintenance kit(s) needed. While we carry many in stock, there are a number of manufacturing and logistics variables that can affect their availability. And because it’s important to not exceed the manufacturers guidelines on preventative maintenance schedules having these in stock at your office prior to the planned service date makes a lot of sense.

Please call us today if you have any questions about Preventative Maintenance.