1 Year Filter Package J&J / ASP® AER 2 Canister Filter Kit (1-Year)


Product Code: ASP12

1-Year Filter Package for J&J / ASP® AER – 2 Canister


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The 1-Year J&J / ASP® AER – 2 Canister package includes:

+LRF01: Quantity 4, 1.0 Micron Filter (10 inch)

+LRF06: Quantity 2, 0.2 Micron Filter (20 inch)


For over 25 years, MedService Repair has performed repair services and offered refurbished Medivators AERs and related equipment to endoscopy centers and hospitals across America. We also provide filters, xenon bulbs, hookup tubing, and other products used with AERs and during endoscopic procedures. It is our goal to use our knowledge and experience to provide customers the right advice in choosing the highest quality and most economical products.


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MedService Repair proudly carries ASP Compatible Water filters at greatly discounted prices from the manufacturers OEM prices. 

Because J&J (Johnson and Johnson) purchased ASP (Advanced Sterilization Products) in 2018, the naming conventions used for their water filters became a little confusing. The ASP water filter might be called a J&J water filter and visa versa. Or an ASP AER Filter might be called a J&J AER Filter. So don't get confused the different names.

The quality of these aftermarket OEM compatible water filters are amazing. And being one of the industries best and more popular AER machines it makes sense that there would be after-market water filters to replace the ASP water filters with for regular maintenance schedules. MedService Repair offers these OEM compatible water filters and we'd be happy to assist you with finding the exact match for your machine reducing your practice's overhead while helping you with keeping your machine in top operating condition.