0.2 Bacteria Filter 20'' 50012


Product Code: LRF06-02

MFG Product ID : 20304

( Each )


ASP AER Evotech (2 can)

0.2 micron PES Bacteria Filter: Compatible with Johnson & Johnson® Evotech® 2 Canister Water Filtration System


LRF06 is a compatible filter for OEM Part 50012.


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MedService Repair proudly carries OEM compatible AER Filters for Johnson & Johnson / ASP automated endoscopic reprocessors. Our mission is to offer extremely high quality AER filters at discounted prices.

ASP automatic endoscope reprocessors boast some of the fastest cycle times on the market while reducing the potential for human errors related to manual test strip use. They also reduce patient risk associated with test strip errors. This, along with features like ensuring the biocide is above the MRC level every cycle are reason enough to choose ASP medical devices. These faster cycles create the opportunity for even more clinical procedures to be completed. The need for product, including AER filters increases as well which is why fair pricing on consumables to operate these incredible devices is something our clients value. 

Our pricing removes any reluctance to replacing these water filters according to the manufacturers stringent guidelines. Implementing strict maintenance and disinfectant protocols is one of the best ways possible to keep your patients safe and your medical machinery operating at optimal levels. MedService Repair strives to be your partner in keeping your medical devices in tip top condition.

The ASP / J&J categories of AER Filters we carry above includes a broad selection. We carry ASP Compatible AER filters, ASP AER Evotech: 2 Canister and 3 Canister filters. Click the categories above to find the exact water filter you’re looking for.

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