Air Filter (8 filters / case)


Product Code: MRF10

MFG Product ID : MF01-0028

( Case of 8 )


Advantage, CER Optima, DSD-Edge, DSD-91E, DSD201

Air Filter (12 filters / case): Compatible with Medivators DSD-201; DSD-91E; SSD-102; CER Optima


MRF10 is a compatible filter for OEM Part MF01-0028.

Air Filter should be changed on both sides every 3 months. Filter package will last approximately 12 months. MRF10 are high-quality single direction replacement air filters. These filters provide extra protection from fluid back-flowing and possibly causing damage to the air compressor. Single-direction air filters provide superior filtration performance and maximize system protection. The 0.2 micron rating of the filter membrane provides added protection against bacteria entering the scope from the air supply. The filters have one blue and one white connector that match up with similar colored connections on the reprocessor. This provides an easy visual means of connecting the air filter in the proper flow direction. Connect the white male fitting on the filter to the white male connector in the reprocessor. Connect the blue male fitting on the filter connects to the blue female connector on the reprocessor. For the CER OPTIMA endoscope reprocessor, the white connector plugs into the back of the unit or onto the extension hose. The Blue end remains unconnected.


Instructions for installing the Air Filter:

1. Open the right and left doors and locate the filters.

2. Remove one filter at a time. Move the filter away from the machine to allow access to the fittings

3. Press on Quick Connect fittings to release the filter.

4. Remove and discard the filter assembly.

5. Replace the filter by attaching the Quick Connect fittings. Ensure that the color coded fittings match.

6. Close the doors.

*The above is adapted from Medivators guides.


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