0.2 Bacteria Filter CF01-0018


Product Code: LRF02

MFG Product ID : CF01-0018

( Each )


CER Optima, MV1 / CER1, MV2 / CER2

Post-filter 0.2 Micron Water Filter: Compatible with Medivators MV1 / CER1; MV2 / CER2; CER Optima


LRF02 is a compatible filter for OEM Part CF01-0018.

Post-filter: 0.2 Micron water filter is located outside the AER and its change is pressure related. Water pressure should be 40 psi or above. Always keep one on hand. Change at least every 3 months even if pressure remains above 40 psi.

Instructions for installing the 0.2 Micron water filter:

1. The filters in the Pre-filter housing should be changed every three to six months depending on water quality.

2. The filter wrench is only for removing the filter housings. NEVER tighten the filter housings with a filter wrench.

3. A thin film of silicone grease applied to the O-ring will aid in both sealing of the housing and ease of removal at the time of the next filter change.

*The above is adapted from Medivators guides.


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