0.2 Micron Bacteria-Retentive Water Filter MF01-0013


Product Code: MRF05

MFG Product ID : MF01-0013

( Each )


Advantage, DSD-Edge, DSD-91E, DSD201, SSD-102

0.2 Micron Bacteria-Retentive Water Filter: Compatible with Medivators Advantage; DSD-Edge; DSD-201; DSD-91E; SSD-102


MRF05 is a compatible filter for OEM Part MF01-0013.

0.2 Micron Bacteria-Retentive water filter is located inside the AER cabinet between the alcohol and detergent. It needs to be changed every 6 months or sooner if poor water conditions exist. Always keep one on hand. Water line disinfection must be performed when changing this filter.


Instructions for installing the 0.2 Micron Bacteria-Retentive water filter:

1. The disinfector must be in idle state to perform this procedure.

2. Close the incoming water supply valve to the disinfector.

3. Drain excess water from the filter housing: Place a container under the water filter inlet tube; Disconnect the water filter inlet quick-connect from incoming water supply line; Connect the accessory hose to the water filter inlet tube; Open the filter bleeder valve and drain the water from the filter canister.

4. Remove the water filter cartridge: Loosen the internal filter and remove the water filter housing; Rotate the filter counterclockwise to unlock the filter cartridge; Remove the filter and discard in accordance with institution guidelines.

5. Install the new water filter cartridge: Insert the filter cartridge into the housing cap; Turn the filter cartridge clockwise until the tabs locks into the cap.

6. Wipe the filter housing clean with a lint-free cloth.

7. Install the filter housing onto the housing cap: Apply an NSF-approved silicone lubricant to the housing o-ring to aid assembly and sealing; Tighten the housing into the cap by hand. Do not overtighten.

8. Reconnect the water inlet line.

9. Close the bleeder valve on the filter housing.

10. Turn on the water supply and check for leaks.

11. Bleed any air from the housing using the bleeder valve.

12. Perform the Water Line Disinfect procedure.

*The above is adapted from Medivators guides.


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