Disinfectant Filters (12 filters / case) MF01-0011


Product Code: MRF01

MFG Product ID : MF01-0011

( Case of 12 )


Advantage, CER Optima, DSD-91E, DSD201

Disinfectant Filter (12 filters / case): Compatible with Medivators Advantage; DSD-201; DSD-91E; SSD-102; CER Optima


MRF01 is a compatible filter for OEM Part MF01-0011.

Disinfectant Filter should be changed whenever you are changing disinfectant. There is one filter located on each side inside cabinet. One case will last approximately 5 months with 28-day solution (i.e. Rapicide OPA). For 14-day disinfectant, you need to double quantities used.


Instructions for installing the Disinfectant Filter:

1. Place a container or absorbent cloth under the disinfectant filter to collect any residual liquid.

2. Remove and discard the used disinfectant filter.

3. Visually inspect DSD connectors for lint or debris buildup and clean as required.

4. Locate new disinfectant filter (MRF01) and identify the red and gray colored ends. The colored ends facilitate correct filter connection and ensure proper fluid flow through the filter.

5. Install new disinfectant filter by connecting the gray colored, male end of the disinfectant filter to the gray colored, female quick-connect fitting. Connect the red colored, male end of the disinfectant filter to the red colored, female quick-connect reservoir fitting. Verify the flow arrow on the disinfectant filter points away from the reservoir tank.

*The above is adapted from Medivators guides.


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