"A" Pre Filter A1501


Product Code: SRF01

MFG Product ID : A1501

( Each )



“A” Pre Filter: 2.5 micron compatible with Steris System 1E

SRF01 is a compatible filter for OEM Part A1501. This is referred to as the “A” Pre filter for Steris System 1E and Reliance Endoscope Reprocessors.


Instructions for changing the Pre-Filters:

1. Turn OFF water supply.

2. Exhaust air. Press red button located on top of pre-filter to exhaust air.

3. Remove housing. Unscrew housing bowl from housing body (counterclockwise).

4. Remove filter. Remove and discard old filter, rinse housing bowl with clear water.

5a. Install new filter: For A filters or single filter housing assemblies: Place the filter cartridge into the housing bowl with black O-ring facing up.

5b. Install new filter: For B filters: Install filter with black O-ring up, placing filter cartridge onto housing body.

6. Replace filter bowl. Screw filter bowl onto filter housing (clockwise).

7. Turn ON water. Restore water to filter assembly and SYSTEM 1.

8. Exhaust air. Exhaust air from both pre-filters. Press red button located on top of pre-filter housing to exhaust air.

*The above is adapted from the System 1 Maintenance Manual.


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