MaxPure Compatible Filter A1564


Product Code: SRF06

MFG Product ID : A1564 MaxPure

( Each )


Steris, System 1E

MaxPure compatible filter for Steris System 1E

SRF06 is a compatible filter for OEM Part A1564. This is referred to as the MaxPure filter for STERIS System 1E.


Instructions for changing the SRF06 filter:

1. Unplug System 1E.

2. Open control panel and locate sterile water filter housing.

3. Protect Electronics: Place an absorbent towel over electronic enclosures and printer paper to protect from water drops. (CAUTION: Water spills on the microcomputer housing and/or the printer or printer paper may result in damage to the SYSTEM 1 or create a paper jam.)

4. Unscrew filter housing cap by turning it counterclockwise.

5. Remove filter. Place a dull, flat-pointed tool (straight hemostat), under top of filter and gently pry up to remove filter.

6. Drain water from filter. While holding filter over filter housing, permit water to drain from filter for 20-30 seconds.

7. Insert compatible replacement filter. Align water filter core with copper tube in center of the sterile water filter housing. Once filter is in sterile water housing, press on top of filter to verify it is sealed (top edge of sterile water filter housing).

8. Replace filter housing cap. Line up threads– turn clockwise until snug.

9. Remove absorbent towels.

10. Close control panel.

11. Plug in System 1E.

*The above is adapted from the System 1 Maintenance Manual.


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