DSD-Edge Refurbished Machine


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Refurbished DSD-EDGE; DSD-201; SSD-102; DSD-91E AER


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Medservice Repair, Inc. specializes in selling and servicing refurbished endoscopic scope reprocessors. We stock Medivators DSD, CER, and SSD units. All of our machines are completely refurbished, in excellent condition and provide an economical alternative to the high cost of new equipment.

All of our refurbished equipment has been thoroughly inspected, refurbished, and tested to meet manufacturer's specifications. All equipment is certified and includes at least a one-year parts warranty that exceeds OEM guarantees.


DSD-EDGE; DSD-201; SSD-102; DSD-91E Scope Disinfectors

Once an order is received, you are put on our production schedule. The refurbished machine takes approximately 2 weeks to complete. We will work with your facility to schedule the delivery of the machine and in-service training once it is ready.

+Entire unit is thoroughly inspected, refurbished and tested to meet original manufacturer specifications

+Provides high level disinfection of flexible endoscopes

+Two reprocessing basins – disinfect two (2) scopes independently (SSD processes 1 scope at a time)

+Includes a 1-year parts warranty and an in-service training session

+Includes a water filtration system with complete set of filters

+Includes Operators Manual

MedService Repair, Inc. offers a 30 day, complete money back return if you are not completely satisfied.

For over 25 years, MedService Repair has performed repair services and offered refurbished Medivators AERs and related equipment to endoscopy centers and hospitals across America. We also provide filters, xenon bulbs, hookup tubing, and other products used with AERs and during endoscopic procedures. It is our goal to use our knowledge and experience to provide customers the right advice in choosing the highest quality and most economical products.


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