Lower Your Costs, Not Your Quality Filters from MedService Repair

While the COVID-19 pandemic is interrupting many of the daily functions of your practice, one set of items that are still costing you extra money are your Endoscope Reprocessor Filters.

Even when you are not actively performing cases and reprocessing endoscopes, your filters are still going through their lifespan every 30, 60, 90, or 180 days depending on the filter.

We at MedService Repair (www.MedServiceRepair.com) pride ourselves on living up to our Company motto: Good Health for your Patients. Good Health for your Practice. One of the easiest ways to reduce expenses for your facility, while maintaining high quality functionality, is to switch to MedService Repair as your source for compatible Endoscope Reprocessor filters.

We provide more than filters.

For over 25 years, MedService Repair has been a trusted partner to Endoscopy Departments and Clinics across the United States. We use our expert knowledge to provide value to more than 1,400+ facilities just like yours. MedService Repair provides compatible replacement filters for all FDA approved Endoscope Reprocessors (Medivators; Olympus; Steris; J&J; Custom Ultrasonics), service and Preventative Maintenance for all Medivators Reprocessors, and a broad line of consumables including filters, lamps, tubing, and products used primarily during and around endoscopic procedures.

Your facility may be seeing some temporary interruptions, we can help you save money now.

View our offerings online, call us on the phone, or send an email today to see how we can reduce your ongoing expenses while providing high quality offerings.

The MedService Repair Team

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