Scope Valet™ CleanStart™ Bedside Kit, 250ml

Product Code: MSR-SVKit250

MFG Product ID : 345EBK

( 36 Kits/case )


Advantage, Advantage Plus, All Flusing Pumps, ASP AER Compatible, ASP AER Evotech (2 can), ASP AER Evotech (3 can), CER Optima, Custom Ultrasonics, DSD-Edge, DSD-91E, DSD201, Fujinon, MV1 / CER1, MV2 / CER2, OER Pro, Olympus 180, Olympus 190, Reliance EPS, Steris, SSD-102, System 1E, 83 Plus2, 83 Plus 9

Scope Valet™ CleanStart™ Bedside Kit

(250 mL) MSR-SVKit250

(500 mL) MSR-SVKit500


The only Endoscopy Bedside Care Kit that removes synthetic lipids and gross contaminants from scope surfaces and internal channels -now in a user friendly pouch.


CleanStart™ Bedside Pouch Kit contains an Endozime® SLR Sponge, contoured to fit around the insertion tube to remove gross soil from the outside sheath, and Endozime® SLR enzymatic solution for suctioning through the channels. CleanStart™ Bedside Kit is available in 250ml and 500ml pouch sizes.


Endozime® SLR enzymatic detergent with Bio-Clean Technology is designed to remove synthetic lipids while targeting insoluble polysaccharides that encase Biofilm allowing for the complete elimination of all Bioburden and Biofilm by high level disinfectants or liquid chemical sterilants. The ScopeValet™ CleanStart™ Bedside Kit makes cleaning easier, preventing dried on soil before the scope is transported for reprocessing.