Endozime® Bio-Clean: 4 Gallons

Endozime® Bio-Clean: 4 Gallons

Product Code: MSR-EndoBio

MFG Product ID : 34524

( 4gal / case )


Advantage, Advantage Plus, All Flusing Pumps, ASP AER Compatible, ASP AER Evotech (2 can), ASP AER Evotech (3 can), CER Optima, Custom Ultrasonics, DSD-Edge, DSD-91E, DSD201, Fujinon, MV1 / CER1, MV2 / CER2, OER Pro, Olympus 180, Olympus 190, Reliance EPS, Steris, SSD-102, System 1E, 83 Plus2, 83 Plus 9

Endozime® Bio-Clean: 4 gallons in a case

Enzymatic Detergents



Endozime® Bio-Clean is a unique neutral pH multi-tiered enzymatic detergent designed to target insoluble polysaccharides allowing for the complete elimination of all Bioburden and Biofilm on semi-critical and critical medical devices by high level disinfectants or liquid chemical sterilants.


Endozime® Bio-Clean is highly recommended for all scopes and cannulated instruments where Biofilm build-up can develop as a result of constant exposure to wet and dry phases during usage and reprocessing. Perfect for manual reprocessing, Endozime® Bio-Clean is also extremely effective for use in all endoscope washers, washer disinfectors, and ultrasonics where Biofilm can build-up on washer walls.



+Solubilizes polysaccharides during the cleaning process allowing for high level disinfectants to kill and remove Biofilm.

+Proprietary blend of enzymes designed to remove all bio-burden - blood, carbohydrates, protein, polysaccharides, fats, oils, uric acid and other nitrogenous compounds

+Cleans the inanimate surfaces where Biofilm, germs, allergens or microorganisms can hide, thrive, and grow

+Advanced Proteolytic Action - Increased protein enzyme activity

+The Only enzymatic detergent designed to target and dissolve polysaccharides on semi-critical and critical medical devices

+Clinically tested to remove 99.9% of all Bioburden

+Helps eliminate odors from scopes, instruments and washers

+Biologically active additives speed the process of liquefaction and solubilization

+Safe for use on all surgical instruments and scopes/will not harm any metal, plastic, rubber or corrugated tubing

+Low-Sudsing, neutral pH, non-abrasive, free rinsing and 100% biodegradable

Enzymatic Detergents are an essential product when it comes to the cleaning and decontamination of medical equipment. While they are not specific to health care, medical practices across the globe rely on them as the surfactants utilized in them lift soils from medical instruments extremely well.

MedService Repair has carefully selected and carries a wide range of some of the best enzymatic detergents available. After years of repairing, servicing and selling endoscopic devices we’ve found what we believe is some of the best performing enzymatic detergents available at exceptional prices. If you click on a product and it asks you to login to see the prices, just click on the “Account” icon in the top right of this screen and create an account.

The reason enzymatic cleaners are so critical is because there are parts of medical devices that there really is no way to mechanically agitate to get them clean. Unlike doing your laundry where clothes brush up against each other creating agitation/movement that assists in cleaning this is just not possible with the interior confined areas of some medical devices. But with enzymatic detergents there really is no need for agitation to reach these intricate sections of the devices to clean and disinfect them well. The enzymes within the detergent react and break down the soils they encounter when they come in contact with these areas. The enzymes are also a catalyst speeding up the cleaning of endoscopy devices a great deal.

These quicker turnaround times for cleaning endoscopic equipment lead to more efficient and more profitable use of your investment into AER (Automatic Endoscope Reprocesser) machines and other endoscopy medical devices.

The Enzymatic Detergents listed above we believe should be a great solution in most cases. Most even meet or exceed the manufacturer’s own guidelines. If you have any questions about their use or other medical device questions related to Enzymatic Cleaners please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.