Xeon Bulb Replacement - Olympus MD-631, Y1064S, CLV-180/160


Product Code: XL1000

MFG Product ID : MD-631 / Y1064S

( Each )


Fujinon, Olympus 180

Ceramic Xenon Bulb Replacement for Olympus MD-631 / Y1064S (Olympus CLV-180/160)


XL1000 is a compatible bulb for OEM Part MD-631/Y1064S and is made by the same manufacturer as the OEM bulb.

This is a 300W Xenon Bulb (14 volt) with a 1,000 hour lifespan. Every bulb comes with a 1 year / 500 hour performance guarantee, whichever comes first. This Xenon Arc Lamp is used in many applications including: Surgical / Endoscopic; Dental; Fiber Optic Light Source; Microscope.


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Relevant equipment includes:       

3D Scope 300w Xenon

3D Scope 300w Xenon

ACMI/Circon ALV1

ACMI/Circon MV9086

Acufex FRX300

Acufex FRX3000

Acuity A09501

Acuity A09502

Acuity 13845

Acuity AO9501

Acuity AO9502

Acuity Ultralife

Aculux 300w Xenon Headlight

ALM MTA Starpointe XE

Applied Fiberoptics Britelite III

Baxter V. Mueller VS5500

Baxter V. Mueller VS5600

Baxter/Edwards/LLS Optx300

BEI/Xylog 300w Xenon

BFW Maxenon Xi300

Burton Xenalux Headlamp

Burton Xenalux Illuminator

Cabot Medical 3000 Video

Cabot Medical System 3000

Concept 8170

Concept 8180

Concept 8430

Concept 8431

Cooper Surgical Endomed LSS700

Dyonics/Smith & Nephew Dyo-Bright 300XE

Endolap FOI 160000

Endolap S605-25

Endolap Foi-16000

Endomedics S1500

Envision 9430

FPO Y1089

Fujinon EPS-301

Fujinon EPX-302

Fujinon EPX-304

Fujinon EPX-401

Fujinon FLX-2000

Fujinon FLX-300

Fujinon FLX-300a

Fujinon FLX-300f2

Fujinon FLX-600

Fujinon XL-4400

Fujinon (FPO)/Fujikara EPC301C

Fujinon (FPO)/Fujikara EPX301A

Fujinon (FPO)/Fujikara EPX304

Fujinon (Fpo)/Fujikara Epx401

Fujinon (FPO)/Fujikara EXP302

Fujinon (FPO)/Fujikara FLX 600

Fujinon (FPO)/Fujikara FLX2000

Fujinon (FPO)/Fujikara FLX300A

Fujinon (FPO)/Fujikara FLX300F

Fujinon (FPO)/Fujikara FLX300F2

Fulton Denta Cam Inta Oral

Fulton Denta Cam Intra Oral

Getinge Castle-Alm Starpointe XE

Kay Swallowing Workstation

Laborie 300w Endoscope

Leica F.O. Illuminator

Leica M520 OH3

Leica M720 OH5

Leisengang LMS-3000 Illuminator

Linvatec 8170

Linvatec 8180

Linvatec LIS8430

Lorenz Lumenon Xenon Headlight

Luxtec 9300

Luxtec 9300XSP

Luxtec LX-300

Luxtek 7000

Luxtek 8000

Luxtek 9000

Luxtek 9300

Luxtek LUX 9000

Luxtel Isolux XSB 300 Illuminator

Machida RX-300T

Medical Dynamics 6100XE

Medical Dynamics 6600XE

Mist 300w Xenon F.O. Endoscope Illuminator

Mist 300w Xenon

Mitsubishi LS-3-S

Mitsubishi LS-3-X

Mitsubishi LS300X

Nextec 1300

Olympus CLV-S40

Olympus CLVS20

Olympus CLVU20

Olympus CLV

Olympus CLV160

Olympus CLV180

Olympus CLVS

Olympus CLVS40

Olympus CLVSBO

Olympus CLVU20

Olympus CLVU40

Olympus ILX-6300

Olympus MD631

Olympus CLV10

Olympus CLV20

Olympus CLVA

Olympus CLVF10

Olympus CLVS20

Olympus CLX

Olympus CV1

Olympus ILX6300

ORC 5800

ORC 5800E

ORC 6000






Pentax EPM-3000

Pentax EPM-3300

Pentax EPM-3500

Pentax LX-3000

Pentax EPM3000

Pentax EPM300P

Pentax EPM3300

Pentax LX300

Pilling Endoscopy

Pilling Fiber Optic

Pilling Weck 300w Xenon Illuminator

Products For Medicine White Sun 300w

Products For Medicine XL300

Qed 3010 300w Light Source

SLM Aminco SPF500C

Smith & Nephew Dyonics 300XL

Smith & Nephew Dyonics 500XL

Smith & Nephew Dyonics Dyobrite 3000 XE

Snowden Pencer Xenon L/S 300w

Snowden Pencer L/S

Storz 201330-20

Storz 201331-20

Storz 487B

Storz 611

Storz 300

Storz 487C

Storz 487XE

Storz 610

Storz 610C

Storz 610XE

Storz 611C

Storz 611XE

Storz 630

Stryker Quantum 6000

Stryker Quantum X6000

Sunoptics Cuda Solarmaxx 300 SSX300ST

Sunoptics Cuda Titan 300 TITAN300ST

Sunoptics Cuda XLS300

Templar XIV-300

Toshiba Tre-3000

TTI/Tagarno 35ax Acubeam

Mueller/Baxter GS9205

Mueller/Baxter LA8000

Mueller/Baxter Opsis VS5500

Mueller/Baxter Opsis VS5600

Vanguard XR-300

Vanguard XR-350

Vanguard XR300

Vanguard XR35

Vanguard XR350

Vanguard XRM-4

Video Dynamics XLC-300

Video Dynamics XLC300

Vitalcor Applied Fiberoptics Britelite III

Weck FRX2000

Weck Wecklite 1300

Weck Wecklite 300

Welch Allyn Proxenon 350 Surgical Illuminator

Welch Allyn VP2000

Welch Allyn VP3

Wolf 5131

Wolf 5151XE

Woodbine Solos GS9255

Woodbine Solos GS9272

Zeiss Superlux 300

Zeiss Superlux 301