1 Micron Filter MF01-0070

1 Micron Filter MF01-0070

Product Code: ADV02

MFG Product ID : MF01-0070

( Each )


Advantage Plus

1 Micron Water Pre-Filter: Compatible with Medivators Advantage Plus


ADV02 is a compatible filter for OEM Part MF01-0070.

Water filters should be replaced at a minimum every three months for the 1.0 micron and 0.4 micron filters and every six months for the 0.1 micron filter. If the water pressure drops below 40 PSI or the difference between the gauges is greater than 5 PSI the corresponding filter needs to be replaced. The following conditions must be met before changing a filter: 1. No endoscope reprocessing cycles are running; 2. No water line disinfection procedure is running.


Instructions for installing Medivators Advantage Plus water filters:

1. Relieve the pressure in the filtration system by opening the bleeder valve on the filter system (rotate down).

2. Check the inlet pressure gauge to ensure that the pressure is at zero.

3. Place an empty container under the 1 micron filter housing and disconnect the Quick Connect fitting at the bottom of the housing. Allowing all of the water to empty out.

4. Using a filter bowl wrench, remove the 1 micron filter housing and discard the used filter cartridge.

5. Place a new filter in the housing, ensuring that the O-ring is in place.

6. Thread the housing onto the header and tighten by hand only.

7. Repeat the procedure to replace the 0.4 micron and 0.1 micron filters.

8. To remove the 0.1 micron filter rotate the used filter cartridge counterclockwise, pull downward, and discard.

9. To install a new 0.1 micron filter insert a new filter cartridge into the housing header and rotate clockwise until the tabs lock into place.

10. Return the bleed valve to the closed position (rotate up).

11. Slowly open the main water supply valve and check for any leaks

*The above is adapted from Medivators guides.


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