Refurbished Medical Equipment Thoughts?


Because medical equipment is extremely expensive and potentially cost prohibitive high-quality used medical equipment might be a consideration for your practice. The trick, is finding refurbished equipment that is high-level quality from a source you know you can trust. These sources must have in place the highest quality procedures during the refurbishing processes and should have a name and business model that is well known, has been in business for a long time and has a stellar reputation. MedService Repair has all of these attributes and would be happy to assist you in purchasing refurbished medical equipment.

ROI (Return on Investment)

Typically, in most people's minds "Return on investment" means how much will I make. In the medical industry there's more to it. The cost savings can be huge but the benefits to your patients and raising the bar with regards to your practices reputation are a return on investment that can't be ignored.

Sometimes practices delay the replacement of older equipment because the cost of new is just out of reach. It can take years to recoup the original investment with brand new equipment and each time the older equipment is used its pure profit, so why would they replace it if it's working. So from a purely business perspective it might, at first thought, make sense to put it off for as long as possible. However, with technology moving at a blistering pace, upgraded equipment can increase the safety levels for your patients and often improve procedural efficiencies affecting the ease of workflow thereby increasing the number of procedures your office can handle. This is definitely the case with refurbished AERs and refurbished endoscopes. Increased efficiencies, improved safety along with the ability to perform more procedures obviously will affect your practice's bottom line in a wonderful way.

Medical Equipment Assessment

It might make sense to create and schedule a "Medical Equipment Assessment" each 3-5 years in your practice. While the steps necessary and scope of the assessment will vary wildly from office to office the general objectives would be to:

  • Review and itemize categorically each piece of medical equipment your office now uses.
  • Research each piece of equipment looking for new advances in the technology and equipment
  • Review the options and corresponding models the manufacturers offered each year

Whoever this task is assigned to, it might make sense to interview the people that directly use the equipment itself. Often times they will be knowledgeable and have input about the pros and cons of the equipment they are currently using. They may also know about advancements that have been made in that sector of medical devices that may assist your practice overall in becoming more up-to-date.

Researching Medical Devices

The next step is to research each piece of equipment to find out if there are newer models, more advantageous solutions, or new technologies that can assist your practice in doing a better job with regards to safety and efficiency.

Once you have an idea of the new medical device options, it might make sense to make a list of the models that the medical device manufacturer of your choice has created. The list would compare among other things the features that are offered so that you can compare them to figure out what features are "must have" vs "nice to have". Once this list is made you're then on the hunt for a refurbished unit of the model you have decided is best suited for your practice. 

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