MedService Repair COVID-19 Update to Customers

Covid 19 Updates

With all that has been happening in the world regarding the COVID-19 virus pandemic, our staff at MedService Repair wanted to reach out and wish safety to your staff, patients, and families. While times are currently uncertain, we will get through this together. 

To assist you, we've created a Resource Guide for GIs treating COVID-19 patients and outlined Medivator reprocessor steps to prepare for the increase in procedures post COVID-19 below.

● Necessary Action Items: Preparing your Medivators Reprocessor Post COVID-19
Resourcing for GIs Treating COVID-19 Patients

MedService Repair is considered, as you are, an essential business providing necessary services to patients. If you have an immediate need for Filters, Service, Loaners, or Other Support for your Endoscope Reprocessor, please know that we are still here and supporting our 1,400+ customers across the United States.

Once life returns to a more normalized pace and you are checking your stocks, please know that MedService Repair continues to be ready to provide compatible replacement AER filters and a broad line of consumables including filters, bulbs, tubing and products used primarily during and around endoscopic procedures. We also offer refurbished Endoscope Reprocessors and Service and Preventative maintenance for Medivators AERs.

We offer all of our services with expert knowledge gained over 25 years while providing a significant cost savings compared to working with the OEMs.

Thank you for everything you do. We recognize your daily efforts as a part of the medical community and we are committed to supporting you as you continue to support your patients.


The MedService Repair Team

Resourcing for GIs Treating COVID-19 Patients
Choosing an AER

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