Searching for Steris Filters

Searching for Steris Filters

Filters for AER (automated endoscopic reprocessor) machines along with many other parts and consumables they use are ongoing PM or maintenance replacement items. So, it makes sense that there would be a healthy OEM compatible replacement filter market with products that meet or exceed the manufacturers own strict quality guidelines. Well, there is but they can be a little hard to find if you're using a search engine.

If you search for "Steris Filters" on Google you'll find that there are 308,000 results (at least today) and almost nothing on the 1st page of results other than Steris' own shopping web site with its own products. With this being the case, it sure doesn't lead this author to believe there is any other solutions.

This isn't a Steris issue of course, it's a search results issue. Steris Healthcare is an incredible company manufacturing amazing medical devices. They have been a leader in providing products and services for patient care with a specific focus on preventing infection for a long time. They manufacture a wide range of equipment but we are focusing in this article on finding OEM compatible replacement parts for the sterilizing AER machines they manufacture.

Steris was founded in 1985 as Innovative Medical Technologies in Ohio. But businesses they have acquired focusing in sterilization of medical instruments like American Sterilizer Company have been in business for much longer. With more than 16,000 associates in over 100 countries their presence in the medical equipment sterilization industry is strong. All this to say that there's a large PM (preventative maintenance) replacement parts market just for the Steris brand, let alone others.

So as of today, the 1st organic result (not ads) if you type "Steris Filters" reads "STERIS SYTEM 1 FILTERS".

If you click that you'll be taken to the "Shop Steris" web site. But that doesn't necessarily give you the replacement product you set out looking for unless you were only looking for a "System 1 filter". But we typed "Steris Filters", not "System 1 Filters". What if we're actually looking for the Reliance "A" Pre Filter A1501, or the Reliance "B" Post Filter A1562, A1504 or the Reliance EPS filter kit. Well, you see the problem.
So now I've realized that I should have used a more unique or less generic key phrase in my hunt for the filter I need. But I'm on the Steris web site so I might as well push forward.

I continue my hunt on the Steris web site by entering "filters" into their website's search bar thinking there will just be a few to choose from and I don't have to type "Steris" because I'm already on the Steris website. Wow, there are 1292 matches. Then I click the "filters" part type filtering feature and get 618 results. Better, but that's not going to cut it either. So then enter the "A1501 filter" thinking this will definitely bring me to the "A" Pre Filter A1501" that I'm actually looking for. But unfortunately, I'm still presented with 1292 matches.
The bottom line is that as of today, in this author's opinion, it is not easy or quick when it comes to finding the right replacement filter if you're searching online or some of the manufacture's web sites.

The issue starts with the search engine results of course. It's a difficult issue for the search engine because I've typed in the manufacturers name "Steris" with the part I'm looking for, "Filters". The search engine has a tendency to bring up results with the most authority for "Steris" which would naturally be the Steris website. But why is almost the whole page of organic results from the Steris website? Shouldn't it show 3 to 5 results from the manufacturer's web site be the perfect amount and the following results would be from other entities / web sites so that the person doing the search would have a more robust selection web pages that pertained to Steris Filters or compatible filters for that matter.

It's interesting because the search engine knows the word "Filters" is a product. That's easy to ascertain due to the "Ads - Shop Steris Filters" products that stream across the top of the search results screen. And these results actually don't contain any products from Steris' own web site. So why are there almost no other web site results in the organic listings. It sure would help us in our hunt for compatible Steris Filters.

So is there a solution?

Definitely, if you're looking for compatible OEM replacement water filters, consumables or other preventative maintenance replacement products at discounted prices. The web site was designed to be "Stupid Simple" and your one-stop solution. We built easy into the web site with multiple ways of easily stumbling into the product you need no matter how you're searching our website. Let's use the "A1501 filter" as an example.

First if I had just typed "A1501 filter" into Google in the first place I would have found MedService Repair at the top of the organic listings with 132,000 other results. 

So apparently Google thinks we have a pretty simple web site to find things on too. Thanks Google!

But if you just went to our web site first for your replacement parts and consumables it's so easy to find what you need.
If you're on the home page and scroll down you'll see "All Your AER Supplies in One Place". 

You can easily click on the "Steris Compatible" link. This will take you directly to the "System 1E™" and Reliance™ EPS compatible AER filters. Mission accomplished!

Additionally, our simple navigation handles your search quickly as well.
From the main menu click on "AER Filters" > "Steris" > "System 1E™" or "Reliance™ EPS". Again, you've found what you're looking for in no time.

Or even if you search for a specific product on our web site using the search icon on the top right of our menu you'll be pleasantly surprised to find exactly what you need. For example, we were looking on the Steris web site searching for "A1501 Filter". This is pretty specific when it comes to buying a water filter and sure enough, on the web site it brings up one result, the "A" Pre Filter A1501.

This simple approach in helping you find the high-quality AER replacement products and supplies you need is why MedService Repair has been in business over 25 years. Add to that our many years of experience with service and repair of these same AER machines and you have a unique resource that doesn't just sell products they've never used before. MedService Repair is a resource you can trust and that has the answers to the questions you might have with regards to what works best.

If you're looking for compatible AER OEM parts, look no further.

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