Cantel / Medivators

We carry, repair and service the leading manufacturer's medical devices, equipment, products and consumables. So we thought it would make sense to spend a little time talking about one of the leaders in the market, Cantel Medical Corp. Cantel Medical Corporation is clearly one of the industry leading manufacturers of medical equipment. Cantel is an American company who is based in Little Falls, NJ and focuses in the "Medical Devices" industry. It was founded in 1963 and primarily focuses on infection prevention and compliance, water purification and filtration. Cantel Origins Cantel originated...

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Aging Population = AER Market Growth

 Let's face it, nobody is getting younger and the population growth continues its rise. Adding to the population growth is that the average life expectancy continues to rise. In 2018 it was reported on that older people were projected to outnumber children for the first time in U.S. history. By 2030, it's reported that all baby boomers will be over age 65 expanding the older population so that one in every 5 residents will be of retirement age. By 2034 there will be 77 million people over age 65 verses 76.7 million under the age of 18. So you ask, why does that matter with rega...

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