Custom Ultrasonics

Custom Ultrasonics carries a wide array of product solutions that are primarily focused on the cleaning and storage of endoscopic and other related instruments. They've been serving healthcare professionals and the Infection Control community since 1979 and through extensive R&D have developed and manufactured medical equipment that has met high-level disinfectant requirements to ensure patients safety and the efficiency of medical offices worldwide. If you had to categorize their products below is the best categorization: Washing & Disinfection of EndoscopesSystem 83 Plus 9System 83 P...

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Looking for a “Refurbished AER”

 If you're looking for a "refurbished AER" online for your medical practice, good luck! Used AER (automatic endoscope reprocessor) machines  that have been completely refurbished to operate like new are far and few between as there's just not a lot of companies that offer these services. If you're looking online for key phrases like "Refurbished AER" you'll may even see results that have nothing to do with an actual refurbished AER but instead you may find results that have to do with air filters, spelled "AIR" as search engines of today attempt to auto-correct an...

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Cantel / Medivators

We carry, repair and service the leading manufacturer's medical devices, equipment, products and consumables. So we thought it would make sense to spend a little time talking about one of the leaders in the market, Cantel Medical Corp. Cantel Medical Corporation is clearly one of the industry leading manufacturers of medical equipment. Cantel is an American company who is based in Little Falls, NJ and focuses in the "Medical Devices" industry. It was founded in 1963 and primarily focuses on infection prevention and compliance, water purification and filtration. Cantel Origins Cantel originated...

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AER Filter Manufacturers

There are numerous manufacturers of automated endoscope reprocessing machines so as you can imagine there are even more manufacturers of AER filters to provide the necessary consumables that these machines require as doctor's offices across the globe adopt the use of these marvelous infection fighting machines. Some of the most popular AER manufacturers (in no particular order) are Cantel, previously named Medivators, Johnson & Johnson / ASP, Olympus, Custom Ultrasonics and Steris. There are however many other AER manufacturers across the globe and probably more coming as this segment...

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