Why Compatible Filters Continue to Evolve


We've covered quite a bit of ground in our blog about AER filters and I don't expect us to be finished any time soon as MedService Repair has actively engaged and has a remarkable reputation for selling extremely high-quality OEM compatible filters for automatic endoscope reprocessors at some of the lowest prices over the years.

There are many logical business reasons for the continued research and development of new and more efficient technologies to improve the quality and efficiency of OEM water filters and their compatible counterparts. They are used in so many genres of business and everyday use. But there's one area that you may have not considered that is a true base catalyst of them all; safe drinking water.

Water filter technology continues to march forward. And while many entities monitor the impact of these new technologies with regards to filtering water for human consumption some of these new technologies eventually make their way into other genres of products like medical related water filters. For instance, Cantel water filters are used in commercial water purification and filtration systems, dialysis systems and other medically related filtration systems like AER filters.

According to the UN and WHO, every 21 seconds a child dies from disease transmitted by polluted water in countries that have developing economies. And unbelievably almost 3.5 million people die annually from disease ridden water. This is a clear and logical driver for the expansion and improvement of manufacturing processes of water filters in general.

The filtration devices used focus on removing and purifying water from substances, pathogens, dissolved solids and microorganisms. Sounds like a similar list to what AER filters are manufactured to remove even though the source list may be a little different. I.e. untreated waste, chemicals, pesticides, industrial refuse, agriculture etc. With this being the case, the research and development investment sometimes crosses paths which bolsters the logic and profits that can be reaped from more efficient and or effective filtration technologies.

The market is already huge when looking at both the medical practice and personal use cases. But add to this China and India which are arguably the world's largest markets for water purifiers and the demand and the next steps in the evolution of water filters should be staggering. China and India are currently both virtually untapped markets that are bound to fuel the water filter technology evolution. Their populations are massive and both have historically had a gross lack of hygenic infrastructure putting people at risk for water-borne diseases and infections. The issues with the lack of fresh water, increases in pollution as well as the increase in population in both continues to grow being an additional catalyst for new technology, improved manufacturing and higher quality filters.

Covid-19 is bound to slow the evolution or at least the market growth for both medical water filters and those designed for personal use for a short period of time especially in developing countries. The manufacturing lockdowns and the "Shelter in Place" policies implemented on employees themselves will hinder short-term production, logistics and technological breakthroughs with regards water filters of all kinds. But it should ramp back up shortly because the need is still present and continually growing. Add to that the national and regional government assistance and programs that are making lower cost financing and cash flow available along with eased restrictive policies on manufacturing companies and we may see the global market evolution and production recover more quickly than is currently anticipated.

Most of the facts offered above have in some way affected or been a consideration for the OEM medical water filter manufactures like Medivators, Cantel, ASP – Johnson & Johnson, Olympus, Custom Ultrasonics and Steris. They also have been a factor for manufacturers focusing on making compatible water filters that will meet or exceed the OEM manufacturers own guidelines for compatible products. And as the evolution, production and delivery of medical devices around the globe continues to grow so will the water filter technologies that support them and make them possible.
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