Save 20% on AER Preventative Maintenance Kits

Save 20% on AER Preventative Maintenance Kits

You Perform Preventative AER Maintenance Every Year...

Why Not Save up to 20% on your AER Preventative Maintenance Kits?

Now you can with Preventative Maintenance Kits from MedService Repair!

MedService Repair provides qualified PM Kits for your Medivators Endoscope Reprocessors
Medivators Reprocessor Model MSR PM Kit # MSR Annual Filter Package # Service Availability
DSD-201 DSD 78400-722 MRF12-14 Day or MRF12-28 Day On-Site
DSD EDGEDSD 78401-176MRF12-EDGEOn-Site
Advantage PlusADV 78400-776ADV12On-Site
CER-1 / CER-2CER-MV-PMMRF12-MVMSR Depot w/ Loaner

MedService Repair Offers Discounted PM Kits and More!

Full Service PM Completion when Requested

If you are looking for a full service option, MedService Repair is able to provide completion of Reprocessor Preventative Maintenance at your request anywhere in the United States.

Free Over the Phone Troubleshooting / Service Support

MedService Repair provides over the phone troubleshooting and service support to PM Kit customers during the completion of their Preventative Maintenance. We offer this service free of charge as an additional added value to your facility.

Additional Cost Savings for Non-PM Related Items

When performing annual Preventative Maintenance, you may discover other items that need to be addressed above and beyond the annual Preventative Maintenance. If you have any questions about additional parts needed during a review of your equipment, please contact MedService Repair and we will provide free troubleshooting support and discounted pricing on parts to keep your equipment running.

Personnel, Parts, and Procedures Matter

MedService Repair is led by multiple award winning Medivators trained Service Leaders who drive quality, consistency, training, and part sourcing for all of our service offerings. When you work with MedService Repair, you are guaranteed to receive high quality service, following appropriate procedures, using parts sourced from high quality OEM caliber providers. Unlike other Third Party service companies, MedService Repair only uses trained employees, not contractors, to support your facilities with service. For over 25 years, MedService Repair has distributed AER filters, xenon bulbs, refurbished Scope Buddy, hookup tubing and other products used with Automated Endoscope Reprocessors and during endoscopic procedures. We also offer preventative maintenance and repair services and provide refurbished Medivators Endoscope Reprocessors and related equipment. We use our knowledge and experience toprovide customers the right advice in choosing the highest quality and most economical solution.

Call us today to see how we can add value to your facility!

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