Choosing an AER (Part 3: Service)


 So let's dive into part three of our series on the top things to consider when you're shopping for an AER (Automated Endoscopic Reprocessor).In this article we'll go over some of the items related to Service Costs.

Obviously keeping these critical instruments in top notch condition and calibrated to the OEM specifications is extremely important. Quite literally, the health of your patients is on the line. So finding out what the recommended service schedule looks like for the AER you are considering purchasing is a pretty important step. Along these same lines is to do a little research on how easy it is to service. You might look at online reviews for the AER you're considering to see if other owners of the model you're considering have had issues with getting their units serviced. Typically, service technicians are happy to share their experiences with different models and the hope is that other buyers have shared that information to reduce surprises for you.

Many of the companies that service AERs have different pricing models for their services. Some work on a "Pay per Visit" model and others offer yearly preventative maintenance plans. Their preventative maintenance plans provide a great method to keep your equipment in top working order. It's imperative of course to consider if they make on-site visits or not.

MedService Repair offers preventative maintenance services for AERs comparable to the preventative maintenance plans that the manufacturers offer. The manufacturer's plans offer annual replacement of all components required to keep your AER within the specifications outlined by the MFG for your specific model. Most also offer a warranty on the parts they've replaced during the preventative maintenance visit. MedService Repair does all this as well but the warranty is up to 6 months on all components replaced and includes up to 12 months of free technical phone support. It might pay off to take a closer look at the MedService Repair offerings for preventative maintenance for your automatic endoscopic reprocessor as it could be a game changer with regards to how to best keep your AER in tip top condition reducing the risk of down time.

For over 25 years MedService Repair has been offering AER consumables at significantly reduced prices. We carry AER Filters, Detergents, HLD/Test Strips, Xeon Lamps and many other products making MedService Repair your one stop shopping solution. Currently we offer preventative maintenance service for the DSD Edge, DSD 201, CER-1/CER-2, MV1/MV-2 tabletop, DSD 91E and the SSD-102PM.
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