Save 20% on AER Preventative Maintenance Kits

You Perform Preventative AER Maintenance Every Year... Why Not Save up to 20% on your AER Preventative Maintenance Kits? Now you can with Preventative Maintenance Kits from MedService Repair! MedService Repair provides qualified PM Kits for your Medivators Endoscope Reprocessors Medivators Reprocessor Model MSR PM Kit # MSR Annual Filter Package # Service Availability DSD-201 DSD 78400-722 MRF12-14 Day or MRF12-28 Day On-SiteDSD EDGEDSD 78401-176MRF12-EDGEOn-SiteAdvantage PlusADV 78400-776ADV12On-SiteCER-1 / CER-2CER-MV-PMMRF12-MVMSR Depot w/ Loaner MedService Repair Offers Discounted PM Kits ...

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Looking for a “Refurbished AER”

 If you're looking for a "refurbished AER" online for your medical practice, good luck! Used AER (automatic endoscope reprocessor) machines  that have been completely refurbished to operate like new are far and few between as there's just not a lot of companies that offer these services. If you're looking online for key phrases like "Refurbished AER" you'll may even see results that have nothing to do with an actual refurbished AER but instead you may find results that have to do with air filters, spelled "AIR" as search engines of today attempt to auto-correct an...

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CER1 Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is no longer just a good idea, it's a wise business decision that both increases the life expectancy of your AER (automatic endoscope reprocessor) while decreasing the the down time involved with machine malfunctions and more involved repairs. It just makes sense! The CER1, along with many other AERs all need preventative maintenance done and the sooner you put together a maintenance plan and schedule the less likely that your practice will be found wanting. Don't let the small size of the ativ deceive you, it still needs PM. There's a number of parts that are the typi...

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Choosing an AER (Part 3: Service)

 So let's dive into part three of our series on the top things to consider when you're shopping for an AER (Automated Endoscopic Reprocessor).In this article we'll go over some of the items related to Service Costs. Obviously keeping these critical instruments in top notch condition and calibrated to the OEM specifications is extremely important. Quite literally, the health of your patients is on the line. So finding out what the recommended service schedule looks like for the AER you are considering purchasing is a pretty important step. Along these same lines is to do a little rese...

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