Scope Buddy - What and Why?


So what's a "Scope Buddy®" you ask?
In a nutshell, it's described by its manufacturer as an "endoscope flushing aid". It's meant to only be used as an aid during the manual cleaning cycle of endoscope reprocessing however. The manufacturer also makes it clear that is not intended to manually clean endoscopes.

With that said, the Scope Buddy® offers a simple way of achieving hands-free flushing of endoscopes during their reprocessing cycle.

If you've ever manually cleaned an endoscope you know that it's not a simple task and the repetitive motions necessary to do the job well can present a long term risk of repetitive motion injuries. So with this little miracle of a machine this task turns into a mostly hands-free procedure.

There's many advantages of using the Scope Buddy® over cleaning by hand.

One of the first is that the cleaning fluid delivery throughout all the endoscope channels are maintained at correct and consistent pressures throughout the cleaning process which is almost impossible to do by hand. Most manufacturers outline their requirements for flushing and the Scope Buddy's® manufacturer claims that it "meets or exceeds endoscope manufacturer's requirements for channel flushing." With this feature the resulting cleaning is typically much more effective than manual cleaning reducing the risk of infection for your patients.

The flushing time is also shortened to just 35 seconds!

Right at the top of the machine is a visual display of how much time you have left on the flushing process. The time can be shortened in some cases to just 35 seconds which can obviously help you save time and run your office more efficiently. The machine also gives you alerts as to when it's running and finished audibly and visually. No having to wonder if it's running or not. If you want to run it longer, no problem. The unit has buttons allowing you to adjust the amount of time you want it to run as well. It can be ran up to 90 minutes at a time.

With all these adjustments and options you might think it would be hard to operate, but there's a single "one-touch" start and stop button and extremely simple tube connections that make connecting to your endoscopes a breeze.

Surprisingly, this little jewel also will work with many different endoscopes, not just the manufacturer's which makes it a perfect fit for almost any practice. Their connection kit comes with tubing and connectors for virtually all other manufacturer's endoscopes.

If you're needing a Scope Buddy® or have one that you'd like to have refurbished, reach out to us today.

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