Damaged Endoscope Tip or Lense?

Endoscope Tip Protector
MedService Repair Tip Protectors are a low cost solution to reduce high cost endoscope repairs!

MedService Repair Endoscope Tip Protectors: Superior Protection, Increased Infection Prevention

MedService Repair Endoscope Tip Protectors are semi-flexible expandable mesh products (latex free) designed for the protection of Endoscopes and delicate surgical instruments during transport and storage. The clean, non-absorbing, semi-flexible expandable mesh offers the sensitive tip of medical instruments protection from both front and side impact. MedService Repair Tip Protectors allow for airflow and moisture to escape, eliminating potential bacteria that is possible with other tip protectors.

 MedService Repair Endoscope Tip Protectors

Part Number TP-Small TP-Large
Instrument Size 2mm - 10mm Wide 7mm-15mm Wide
Case Quantity100 Tip Protectors100 Tip Protectors

Clean and sterile version of both small and large tip protectors are available upon request.

 Why do I need to use a tip protector for my endoscopes?

During cleaning, reprocessing, transporting and storing endoscopes the instrument routinely comes into contact with hard surfaces that can damage the scope tip and lens. Hard surfaces include plastic bines, stainless steel sinks, hard countertops and other surfaces. Cost to repair endoscope tips and lens vary greatly and can cost well over $1,000.00 to repair. Worse yet, any time an endoscope is out for repair your facility is forced to operate without that scope causing extra pressure on scope reprocessing timelines. In the worst case, lack of sufficient endoscope inventory may force you to delay and reschedule procedures.

 Why is Expandalbe Mesh a Better Alternative to Foam Tip Protectors?

MedService Repair expandable mesh tip protectors provide increased infection prevention and superior protection when compared to foam tip protectors.


MedService Repair Tip Protectors area a clean, non-sterile, non-absorbable material with a max temperature of 79°/ 174°F. Tip protectors will not fall off and are not abrasive/ will not scratch any part of the instrument / lens. MedService Repair Tip Protectors are latex free.

Clean and sterile versions of both small and large Tip Protectors are available upon request.

An economical improvement to your endoscope cleaning, reprocessing and storage process.

Med Service Repair Endoscope Tip Protectors are a low cost solution to reduce high cost endoscope repairs! Increased protection, decreased endoscope service needs. Contact your Account Manager today to ask about receiving a sample of the MedService Repair Endoscope Tip Protectors!

Instructions for Use

  1. Slide the smaller end of the tip protector over the end of endoscope that requires protection immediately after reprocessing.
  2. Allow 20-30% of the larger end of the tip protector to overhang the tip of the endoscope.
  3. Remove the tip protector just before the procedure during the final prep of the endoscope.
  4. At the completion of the procedure, perform bedside pre-cleaning and then put the same tip protector back on the endoscope before transport to decontamination.
  5. Do not remove the tip protector during transport and initial manual cleaning.
  6. Before the end of the manual cleaning, remove and dispose of the tip protector and complete the manual cleaning of the endoscope tip (manually clean where the tip protector was.)
    * For use when the scope is removed from the reprocessor, during storage, while transporting to and from the procedure room, and through decontamination
    * Designed for one-time usage
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