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 If you're looking for a "refurbished AER" online for your medical practice, good luck! Used AER (automatic endoscope reprocessor) machines  that have been completely refurbished to operate like new are far and few between as there's just not a lot of companies that offer these services. If you're looking online for key phrases like "Refurbished AER" you'll may even see results that have nothing to do with an actual refurbished AER but instead you may find results that have to do with air filters, spelled "AIR" as search engines of today attempt to auto-correct and give you results they believe you want instead of what you typed. They even bring up company names that start with AER. It can be a real challenge on search engines at times but you've definitely stumbled onto one of the best companies for refurbishing AERs here with MedService Repair.

MedService Repair has been in business for over 25 years and has been selling, repairing and refurbishing AER machines and related equipment throughout that time. Our experience and expertise goes into every one of our refurbished units and all of them come with an exceptional warranty. Look under "Buy Equipment" on the navigation above to get details on the exact brand and model you're interested in.

We sell refurbished AERs in almost every major brands and model. And once we receive your order it will immediately be put on our production schedule. Typically these refurbished AERs take about 1 week to complete and we'll work directly with your facility manager to help expedite shipping so that we can get you up and running fast and efficiently.

These machines are refurbished with parts that meet or exceed the OEM manufacturers guarantees so put your mind at ease with regards to the quality. These machines are completely inspected, refurbished and put through rigorous testing that also meets the manufacturer's specifications.

Not only are you buying from a company that has an extensive service history but we also offer parts, consumables, AER filters, preventative maintenance, detergents and many other innovative offerings at prices that beat most of the competitors.
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